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'When the Mist Clears'

Frank has teamed up with Whisper Publishing to deliver his first novel, "When the Mist Clears".
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When the Mist Clears

Funny, poignant, life affirming. When the Mist Clears follows the chaotic life of Dan Armitage, a war correspondent who suffers a panic attack when he is reminded of a dark secret from his time in Iraq as he is receiving his Journalist of the Year award.

It prompts him to re-evaluate his career, volunteering to help cancer sufferers at the scariest time in their lives.

In the process he meets four strangers and they quickly realise they share a quirky wit, a common purpose, a soaring sense of optimism and an unexpected love for life and each other.

As their fight for life turns into a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, they make a pact to meet up in a year’s time, if they are still alive.

Meanwhile, Dan witnesses a savage beating which drags him into a world of drugs and crime which has consequences for them all.

When the Mist Clears due for publication 15 May 2020

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